Bodo Tasche

Fanny Krebs

Ute Mayer

Andreas Tiefenthaler

Jan Schulte

Laura Laugwitz

Lucas Dohmen

Lucas Pinto


Martin Luder

Moritz Heiber

Nico Hagenburger

Peter Grosskopf

Robert Schulze

Sebastian Schulze

Tam Eastley

Tobias Pfeiffer

As an association we want to promote education in the field of computer technology, and in particular, propagate the Ruby programming language.

  • Conducting public meetings and informational sessions for the Ruby programming language.
  • Organising international conferences, meetings and talks, such as “European Ruby Conference (Euruko)”, “eurucamp”, “JRubyConf.”
  • Public Relations and publishing in all media.
  • Management of events and projects that are specifically aimed at young people.