eurucamp Website README

In this repository you’ll find the website for eurucamp 2015.


Provided you have a Ruby version manager installed, installation should only require these 3 Steps:

rvm use 2.1.3 # OR chruby ruby-2.1.3
bundle install



To start development, run

bundle exec middleman

This serves the web page on http://localhost:4567. You don’t need to restart middleman when you make changes to the code, you only need to refresh your browser.

Building static pages

You can build the site into a build-directory:

bundle exec middleman build

The build directory will contain the generated HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the contents can be uploaded to any standard web server.

With a local Living Style Guide

Clone the livingstyleguide-eurucamp project also on your machine. Start it with:

bundle exec middleman -p 4567

Then, start the website with:

bundle exec middleman -p 4568

The website then automatically uses the local style guide instead of the last one deployed.

You will see the generated HTML & CSS by navigating to http://localhost:4568/. You can examine the style guide at http://localhost:4567/


The deploy is done via Codeship. Everything that is merged into the master branch is deployed automatically.

Codeship is using this command to deploy everything:

bundle exec middleman build && bundle exec middleman s3_sync