eurucamp is an inclusive conference and as such wants to be accessible to everyone:

We make sure that all official events and sub-events of the conference are well accessible to people with physical disabilities, by both checking with the venue owners and by visiting them personally beforehand.

Our co-organizer Bodo is a CODA and would like to welcome deaf people to our conference. This year again we will have a transcription of the conference sessions.

Yet, we are aware that accessibility issues are diverse and this does not cover everything. If you are interested in eurucamp, but have any kind of accessibility problem that needs to be resolved before you can attend, please get in contact. We will reserve a ticket for you until we found out whether your issue can be resolved. This includes setting up special assistance offers. If you are in need of an assistant, they will not be required to buy a ticket.

Students and other concession holders will be offered discounted tickets. If you are not sure whether the discounted rate should apply to you or you have any other concern, please do get in touch.

Tickets for significant others and children will be available at cheaper rates and childcare will be provided free of charge during the conference programme.

Our goal is that eurucamp and all related events are accessible to everyone. We also want everyone to feel safe while attending. As such eurucamp asks all attendees to agree to a code of conduct.